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Pick your top 5 biases and answer the questions (in no particular order) 

1.Zhou Mi 2.Key 3.Jaejoong 4.G-Dragon 5.Yoochun

What do you like about 4?

His tattoos, his rapping skills, his beautiful face, the fact that he’s a perfectionist and oh God, everything. Can I just say everything. ;~;

Is 2 an alcoholic?

Nope. I guess not.

Can 1 sing?


Is 5 in a relationship?

Yeah. With Kim Junsu. In secret. :D LOLJK with his tight schedule I doubt it.

Would you go out with 3?


Is 2 hot?


Can 3 cook?

He’s the band mother and he grew up with eight sisters. How can he NOT know how to cook? Have I mentioned how good his food probably tastes? I will give both arms and legs just for a bowl of his kimchi jjigae. ;~;

Do you know if 1 plays an instrument?

No. But if voice was considered an instrument…

What do you like about 1?

The thing about Zhou Mi is that I don’t like anything about him. It’s wrong to say ‘like’ when you actually love something. I love his smile. This was what made me fall in love with him. I love that his voice can start my day and lull me to sleep as well. I love his shopping addiction which actually makes me wonder about his sexual orientation. Most of all, I love his strength. The strength that has allowed him to smile through the rejection thrown at him by antis, to sing and perform even when he is tired and to move forward and fight until he is accepted and loved by the sapphire blue family.

Has 4 had any solo albums?

Yup. :)

Would you set-up pair 2 and 5 together?

Hell yes! I’d love to see them shop together, talk about fashion, rapping and performing. As avant garde as they both are, I’m pretty sure the place they choose to meet in will explode within seconds. :D

Do you think 3 would be a good parent?

Oh dear God, yes. ALL THE BABIES.

What do you like about 2?

Face and fashion and girly dances and rapping for Junsu’s Xiahtic and genreally his rapping and how he could pull off all the weird hairstyles and how he’s bitchy and cute and pretty and his momma bitch- daughter bitch relationship with Taemin and I can keep going on forever and ever if you don’t stop me. ;~;

Can 5 dance?

He’s a bit of a lazy dancer(kinda like Jessica), but he’s improved a lot. :)

Can 1 act?

Hmmm, not sure. He’s a great MC though.

Would 3 take drugs?

I hope not! I don’t care if he smokes or drinks or gets tattoos on every inch of skin he has, as long as he never touches drugs.

Would 4 bail you out of jail?

He’s stingy (even to his members) and even if he loved me, he would let me suffer the consequences of whatever it was that I did. ._.

Has 2 been on reality tv?

Yeah. Hello baby. :)

Out of 1 and 5 who would be more likely to ask you out?

Oooh, I think Chunnie would. Although I may or may not be delusional. ._. As for Zhou Mi, I would be the one to ask him out. :D

Is 5 tall?

Well, taller than me, I suppose.

Has 3 done anything embarrassing in public?

Ummm…pretty muich everything he does is embarassing. :D JK :D

Do you like 4’s current hair style?

I like how red it is, but uhhh as far as how it falls around his face, definitely not. It’s reminiscent of the 90’s and let’s face it, that was a pretty corny decade (as fun as it was) if you asked me.

Is 2 gay?

I’m almost positive he is. :D

Would 3, 4 and 2 have a cross-dressing show?


Would 1 go skinny dipping?

I hope. :D

Does 3 remind you of anyone you know?

He kinda reminds me of myself. Rebellious, a little bit awkward, mother-hen-tendencies, desire to get tattoos and piercings, love for cooking and spicy food, addiction to music, alcoholism. :D

Would 5 watch porn?

Changmin watched porn, at one point or another, he must’ve gotten curious and seen what it was all about.

Is 2 single?

Yep. That, or Jonghyun. Or Onew. Or Dongwoon.

Would you marry 1 but then have them divorce you 6 months later; marry 2 but have them run away a year later; date 3 but then lose them in a car crash a year later; date 4 but then break up 2 years later or sleep with 5 and have them or you pregnant?

Oh! Oh! Number 5 is the perfect scenario for me. I don’t want to get married, but I want Chunnie’s babies. It doesn’t matter if he stays with me or not. I’ll love the baby/ies (in case we get twins/triplets) all the same. <3

The hyungs watching over the maknae on his birthday.

The hyungs watching over the maknae on his birthday.

This just hurt my heart so much, I swear.

This just hurt my heart so much, I swear.

Yoochun trying to get Obama to promote JYJ’s album

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Dec 21, 2011
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Tired baby is tired. :(

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Bro it’s cool, keep saying that shit and I’ll keep proving you wrong. :)

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Some things just never change. &lt;3

Some things just never change. <3




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