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I want you, so much. you have no idea what looking at you does to me, and the way every single thing you do makes me feel. I want to stop staring at you, but I can’t, your eyes are fierce and mischievous and your pink lips look so plump and inviting. I want to kiss you. I really want to. Ever since I’ve really paid attention to you, to every single detail about you and noticed your beautiful plump lips, I have always wanted a taste. Can’t you indulge me in just even one peck?

It’s so annoying, how I have to hide under the guise of a harmless friend, when all I really want to do is kiss you and show you how much I want you.

It’s even more annoying, how you’re not even my type, and yet you could make me feel so sexually frustrated over you. How I can’t keep away from you and how I care about you like I was born to. How could you do this to me? How could you be so arrogant and adorable at the same time? I try to convince myself, over and over that you would be bad for me and that’s it’s too early, that I’m trying to build a strong future that I could call my own, but in that same future I keep seeing you too.

I give up.

I completely surrender to all my feelings for you.

I’m letting myself fall deeply in love with you, even if I know that there’d be no chance between us. You’re too hard to resist and it hurts me more than it affects you when I try to restrain myself from you.

The next time I see you, I’ll just sigh and think to myself:

Here we go again.