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Like maybe something like Lee Donghae. :)

Like maybe something like Lee Donghae. :)

I seriously don’t know what to feEl anymore.

It’s onLy now that I understand what other tumblr users mean by: ‘Loving a group so much, but not wanting to join the Fandom.’

Sometimes, you really want to just Sit in a Corner and lOve all the groUps you Love peacefully. you Don’t want to deal with the drama and issues other fans have against the group, against other groups theY think are ‘damaging’ the grOup in whatever way, against girls or boys oUtside the grouP itseLf getting shippEd with one or more members of thAt group or againSt each othEr. You just really want to Give love to them and suppoRt them, but yOu get distracted once you are part of the fandom, because some people start to get fussy and immature and most people Want to side with the stronger, mostly more hatefUl, oPinion.


Seriously. This goes out to all fandoms. If the attack is not outright and there is no real heat, will you please not make an issue about it? I used to be like that too, always giving single thing a different meaning, but I have come to realize how stupid that is. Whether or not it is directed towards the group you love, it is better if you keep mum about it because it’s in that way that we can maintain our peace. Fighting is seriously so tiring and hating is very unnecessary.

Regarding the harsh kind of treatment our idols get, yes, of course, we are allowed to get mad, I am allowing you to burst up into flames and murder the cause of the problem, if it makes you happy and helps you sleep better at night, but there is no need to drag any other group’s names in the issue. It might be true that the idols we love are eating shit because of other groups, but do you think it makes them happy that we are hating on someone or some group who might not even have an idea why they’re getting hated on, or if they do, couldn’t do anything about it either? I know that the torture is bad, the abuse is bad, the schedules are crazy, everything is in shambles, but the best that we could do is hold on and show our support.

Send them encouraging gifts, letters, tweets, posts, anything you can think of. direct your energy towards the positive, so that everyone could be happy and we could, in our own little way, help them get through whatever kind of hardships they are going through as of the moment. It only gets them stressed whenever they hear that a member of their fandom is causing trouble towards other groups. It’s not good for their health when they have to deal with this too. It doesn’t only put them in a bad mood, it also puts them in a bad light because they couldn’t control their fans and it makes them look conceited and weak. The fandoms too, as a whole, look weak and childish, you get into more fights and everyone is tired at the end of the day.

The people, too, who get shipped, partnered up, or caught in an issue with one or more members of the group, must not get hated on unless he or she is causing serious harm on the member/s. If it’s for a show, movie, concert, then those people are just doing their job! What are you, four? You don’t understand that the cameras are rolling and they’re supposed to act that way? It’s called a performance for a reason. It’s because they’re getting paid for it, they’re only doing their job and it makes their bosses (and possibly them) happy.

Sure it might destroy your fantasies with your bias but if you really want to be his girlfriend or her boyfriend, well, you have to understand that again, this is just a job. You shouldn’t get jealous. You can feel annoyed and you can say it, but it should stop there. You shouldn’t go on and on about why you hate that girl or why you hate this boy, when really, if he or she weren’t partnered up with that group member in the first place you might not even have noticed them anyway. You can ignore them and continue with your life instead. For slash-pairing fans like me, I’m sure that the other half understands the word ‘job’ and knows that he or she will come back into his or her arms after the show. If they get jealous, well, things can always be resolved by making love(or refusing to). You can write fanfiction about that instead of wasting your energy on such childish acts like attacking the other party and ganging up with others who sympathize with you.

As for fights within the fandom, everyone must accept that not everybody will agree with his or her opinion. You have to respect that. You have to live with this truth and let it slide, just keep thinking of that thing that will always be common between the two(or God knows how many you have dragged with you on this fight) of you, the love you have for the group. Just dwell on that and let it slide. You’re not going to die if you keep your mouth shut about it. If it’s causing hurt or pain towards some members of the group, then that’s the time you can put up a fight. If things are not resolved with words, those who agree with one side or the other can go their separate ways. Physical harm does not solve anything.

I have put up with this for so long and I am sure that others have put up with it longer than I have, but I really have to speak out, because I feel so tired of unnecessary hatred and fighting. I’m sorry for filling up your dash but, I just had to expel all this pain somewhere.

I want you, so much. you have no idea what looking at you does to me, and the way every single thing you do makes me feel. I want to stop staring at you, but I can’t, your eyes are fierce and mischievous and your pink lips look so plump and inviting. I want to kiss you. I really want to. Ever since I’ve really paid attention to you, to every single detail about you and noticed your beautiful plump lips, I have always wanted a taste. Can’t you indulge me in just even one peck?

It’s so annoying, how I have to hide under the guise of a harmless friend, when all I really want to do is kiss you and show you how much I want you.

It’s even more annoying, how you’re not even my type, and yet you could make me feel so sexually frustrated over you. How I can’t keep away from you and how I care about you like I was born to. How could you do this to me? How could you be so arrogant and adorable at the same time? I try to convince myself, over and over that you would be bad for me and that’s it’s too early, that I’m trying to build a strong future that I could call my own, but in that same future I keep seeing you too.

I give up.

I completely surrender to all my feelings for you.

I’m letting myself fall deeply in love with you, even if I know that there’d be no chance between us. You’re too hard to resist and it hurts me more than it affects you when I try to restrain myself from you.

The next time I see you, I’ll just sigh and think to myself:

Here we go again.

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Hi there, I’m Tom Felton.

Hi there, I’m Tom Felton.

O.O I don’t believe this. I can’t believe it. This wasn’t the only thing that happened today. But I’m not yet ready to go into details. It just really shocks me.